Lessons Learned: Saga of Blood Retrospective


the lowbie ride was super fun, apart from lvl 18 when also the legendary ring from shop was at its most powerful - just ridiculous.

for me the highlights were:

  • active trader
  • dungeon/world-drop blues, quest and crafting items were really attractive… giving life to those aspects of the game
  • even the green protection hands / head pieces were at some point best in slot defensive items, which I loved to see.
  • heals actually healing a fair ammount compared to peoples health-pools, unlike how it is a 80
  • super fun with vanilla-like AoC at 70 and 79
  • biggest highlight of it all was the comraderie we had in guild… the little gold we had was pooled amongst us all and divided as needed

low-points were:

  • not many guilds bothered to organize groups of 6 for festivals
  • legendary 80 ring at lvl 18
  • participation minigame quest at 80 (opposed to winning minigames…! isn’t that the point of PvP?)
  • no siege quest in the Saga questline - no motivation to play the same 80 crap again
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What Saga should have been is , no AA, and no gear past t1. Then have accumulated rewards : pvp event tokens and crap given but not useable on server, accumulate aa but not useable on server , level up in pvp but no gear past t1 ,etc. The rings from shop graduating in strength with player level. People will say but such and such class can do this or that or w/o AA this class can’t do that etc. that’s exactly what made “old” pvp fun you played a class bc you liked it even if it could be gimpy in some ways. It’s also the heart of why “old” pvpers were more team minded in minis ,even in pugs, bc if you didn’t play as a team you failed.

That would have made pvp fun again.



Yeah, I was really surprised that after the level bracket system, players were permitted to instantly go to T3

However, if the community wanted to host a minigame tourney or something where ONLY t1 was allowed, and no perks are enabled, it could be fun! It’s pretty crazy to think how much more powerful magic damage was back when 1.05 launched

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There may be some great tournies coming up… Keep your eyes on the forums next week :slight_smile:



A tourney or even pug premades like that would be a whole lot fun and a great idea!



Yes, brilliant idea! People will moan a bit but it’d be great to experience that without continually being obliterated by pvp10’s every time you encounter one.
May be unlikely, since the major reason Funcom does these saga’s, i think at least, is revenue…



I was invited more than once,cant remember playing on the last server :slightly_smiling_face: and did not want to join either :slightly_smiling_face: