Let me rebind mouse keys or no cigar


I bought the game today, was so excited while it was downloading, entered the game, went to do the first thing I always do when starting a new game, rebind movement keys to mouse…
I then proceeded to ask for a refund, which I immediately received from Steam, no complaint there.

I have never played a game with WASD, and I am too old to start now, I also saw a lot of people in the same situation on Steam forums, some because of physical limitations.

Like the title says, if you want my money let me rebind those.



This was already brought up earlier today and I believe they’re working on allowing keybinds for the next patch possibly, they did seem like it was a bug and not something that was intended.

So soon you can throw your cash at them, rejoice!



This is great news, I will actually go on the Steam forums and spread the gospel .

Thank you good sir.

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I also move foreward with my mouse (since Doom).
I mapped “w” to my right mousebutton with my mouse software, but unequiping armor items is fixed with right mousebutton and cant be remapped.
I would really appreciate it if this get fixed.

This is the first turn based strat game i try.
Normaly its not my cup of tea (i play fps`s mostly), but the artstyle, atmosphere, oldskool flavor and lore of this game got me hooked.
Please dont let this keymapping issue be the reason i abandon this. (or let me swap the Steam version for the PS4 version :slight_smile: )

Edit : i`m switching characters often now , so its really getting annooying i cant unequip items fast, but first must rebind keys every time.
Is thre an ini file i could edit myself?



Really? Not able to bind M/KB freely? In 2019?

Refund in Steam i must.

Having played the Pen and Paper back in the days as a kid and loved it does NOT compensate for basic flaws like this… :frowning:


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