Let me unsee DLC stuff

As I am a barbarian in this game, how can I tell turanian statue from yamatanian? How can make myself to see building blocks of unwanted DLCs as mundane ones and those statues as a simple low-polygonal baubles?

Make a mod!


Do mods work on official servers?

What is wrong with not having everything look the same?

Tired of laggy theme parks and “museums of all DLC” around me. I’d like to trade back this useless visuals for performance. Besides some DLC look out of place in Conan universe or just stupid. There is more just enough of new models, not enough game effects and events.

Conan was a barbarian, and proud of his heritage. He had also traveled across the lands many times and picked up an incredible amount of knowledge of languages, cultures and stuff. He probably knew more than most scholars who had spent the same amount of time in libraries.

Conan could tell a Turanian statue from a Yamatai one because he had raided Turanian merchant caravans with his Kozaki tribesmen. Maybe the same explanation could work for your barbarian?


May be. But until the time of enlightenment I’d like something like option “show DLC as mundane stuff” in my game client.

Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars.

I’d say the fancy stuff fits the setting quite well, actually.


Out of curiosity: Do DLC parts put so much more stress to the computer or server? Cause I think not, but don´t know.

If you are around a typical laggy theme park 2 size bigger than Sepermeru, built in layers of all the DLC elements, your game client has to load and render all the models. If those elemenents are loaded as a single mundane model stress got to be lower. That’s why I guess simply replacing DLC files with other files won’t improve much - game will try to load them several times, if not suspect file corruption.

I don´t think so, but they definitely spam my crafting menu once my character learns how to build T3 parts. For that reason I would support an option to hide DLC pieces in the crafting menu!

But then again if you start changing this menu maybe a greater number of tabs would be useful…

Never ever gonna happen, so you will just have to manage too see it :wink:

Afaik some alpha clans spam aquilonian structures near their bases so enemies will get laggy when raiding, I’ve seen some of those “defenses” but I can’t tell if they work as intended.

Servers ? definitly no.

What can affect server performences is the number of building/placeables pieces placed by players, not their look. Since there is no rendering on the server.

Player’s computers ? Yes and no :

Yes - they will increase loading times, as more assets need to be loaded. Though, it’s probably hardly noticeable unless you run the game on a computer you shouldn’t (too weak) or on settings you shouldn’t run the game on your computer.

And that only if you mix more assets types. By that in mean, if you have sandstone aand brick walls, it will load slower than if you have only sandstone. So DLC will cause longer loading times only if you mix more than 4 types of walls, like sandstone + brick + reinforced + black ice + DLC walls.

And a structure built with only one type DLC style will cost less loading time than the same structure built with mixed vanilla pieces of the same type (sandstone + brick walls load slower than turannian only walls).

No - once they are loaded, they will impact player’s computers performence only by negligeable amount.

The reason being, when you make a video game, you set norms on how much performence each asset type will ‘cost’. In CE, that means a specific of type of builbing piece ‘cost’ a set amount of performences, no matter if it’s a vanilla or DLC piece.A sandstone wall and a turannian wall have pretty much the same performence cost.

The end result is that players experiencing performences issues around player structures will experience pretty much the same performence issues, regardless of with which building pieces sets the structure is built with. Regardless of if the structure is built with valilla or DLC pieces.
As the issue is the number of building pieces (the added performence cost of each individual building piece) rather than the number of assets used. And among theses assets, thralls are probably the most performence-costly ones, simply because they are animated assets. And light sources, as they add render cost to every thing they light.

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I had a base with 4 different kind of materials: aquilonian, black ice, Insulated wood and sandstone. I had performance issues. So I changed it to only one material: black ice. The performance was clearly better then before. So I can say it affects performance at least in PS4.

Which ones would you be referring to?

The number of differents styles (and types of building pieces) mixed in a single base impact performences. Not the styles themselves.

I would like to all DLC, other than pictish and aquilonian, to be loaded as vanilla ones. Not sure if this knowledge will help you.

Im curious if you could actually gain anything from your request.

Not trying to be dismissive, but even if you copied over sandstone or some other duller graphics over the current DLC ones (or the statues for something simpler).

Pixel wise, I would guess most the walls, for example, weather they look dull or clean, have the same level of detail. You actually wouldn’t gain any performance from this, even if modded (just a visual difference).

You’d still essentially be loading up the same amount of data even for the changed graphics.

For this to work, you would actually have to remove pixel count/simplify 3d model detail to actually pick up any performance, and in that situation I would think the simpler building pieces would actually look far more out of place due to the quality loss in visual detail…

As others have stated, the key things that cause performance issues for players, caused by players is simply the # of placeables are grouped together in a small portion of the map (what ever distance your game is set to draw objects at).

As far as playing on officials with other players that own the DLC, I would imagine there isn’t a single thing you can do about it.

Yes as i have posted befor the crafting thrall realy needs some love whit an big uppdate in so may wayes!