Let the panic and rumors begin

Funcom looks for jobs:

Your job will be to turn visions and ideas into playable events within our new project at Funcom.
The first project for our Senior Designer will on a new open-world multiplayer game that is in early concepting stage, to enter pre-production in 4Q18.

iam couriours, what it will be, while also scared that the part of pepole who work at Conan Exiles be moved to new project

will it be conan game?
will it lead to abbadoning CE?
why u dont add some content dlc for conan instead, or that sorcery evryone begs for?

i understand that it is in pre-production but still…

let the rumors begin

Maybe a tie-in to the new Conan Universe TV Series?

Or Anarchy Online II? Cuz that’d be… like… Holy Moly Amaze Balls.

Anarchy Online II, with the graphical fidelity of CE. I’d just… ■■■■ for 5 minutes straight.

Dreamfall Online? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what Ragnar Tornquist is up to these days.

But on to the elephant in the room. Will Sorcery ever make it to CE, before CE is left with a 2 man team, same as AoC?

I donnoh. Hopefully?

At worse i’ll be hoping for a mod. At best, Ignasis is gonna pop in and tell us that they are the CE Team forever and we can all rejoice.

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Our plan is to work on Conan Exiles for the foreseeable future. We’re just expanding our team (me included!). :slight_smile:


Confirmed. :grin:






will it be conan game?
will it lead to abbadoning CE?
why u dont add some content dlc for conan instead, or that sorcery evryone begs for?

Simple :slight_smile: Funcom is well know for bad games. Conan Exile lift this company up. Apparently after what happen till December and now they are no able to sort up there mess or they do not want to do-it now ( i think they have all this fix but are lazy and do not want to brake the update apart, to make a peach for lag and spikes and another one to other modification in game)
Conan Exile is a unfinished and they did not deliver what they advertise.
New Game will be online multiplayer :))))))))) what a joke they are not able to fix conan online and they start new one
New game will be bad and unfinished like all there games they sell and it will be long long long development and OFC Early Access ( Do not blame me Funcom your quality standards are low, this shows in what games you give us over the years)

It is to soon to start a new game after 8 Months of Conan starts. But we live in a greedy world.

I suggest you make a name for your self with this gem (conan exile ) you have here and the start new games ( and if one will say Conan is breather then other games out there i will tell them all this was done 10 yeas ago and was done perfectly Mafia - max pain just 2 examples of games who can beat any other 2018 game)
I do not think they have the skills to deliver quality in this industry.
Pleas Funcom prove me wrong

lets wonder wonder what it be, lets disseminate rumors

give us some bait

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Keep cool everybody. Conan Exiles is one of the best open sandbox games at the moment. This game has still great potential. We already know a new patch is incoming, we also know they are working on improvements for the AI, which will even increase the potential of this game. We also know they are planing a siege overhaul and an overhaul for the gods. And we definitely know that they are working on more dungeons. I still know people who are interested in this game and want to buy it. Some of them are waiting for the next update, others for more content, which definitely could come with more DLCs. So there is also still a lot of money generating potential too, more than for the other games of Funcom. Try to be patient, the game was just released 7 Months ago.


Something being put into preproduction uses a negligable amount of manpower. We’re talking bare minimum here. Usually it’s just a few people doing things like writing up a design document, figuring out what kind of tech they may need to build to do what they want, and an artist or two nailing down the look and feel of the art direction and making concepts.

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Wonder if they take paradox’s dlc policy where each 3-5months they add dlc Wich add some new mechanice or skins, aslo part of that comes free, so if they looks for money they can try that, Only problem is all paradox games with dlcs cost ať least on 100eur

I Hope they focus on CE, add real content dlcs. Sry build pack isnt enought.

It will be a co-op fishing simulator going after the Hardangerfjord in Norway. You will be able to fish alone on shore or take a boat with up to 3 other players to rais your chances th get a good prey. There even will be some hidden huts near the fjord where you might discover epic fisherman gear. The biggest catches of online players will be listed on a official site given you some extra motivation. It complements very well your daily gaming cycle after some stressful pvp hours in Conan Exiles to get some relaxing before finally falling asleep. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, jokes aside, I think it is healthy for a gaming development company to approach new themes it can evolve and gain experience in.

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