Let there be Tutorial mode!

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Wow how is this not a thing. Ok so my boys wanted this on their PS4 and its free so why not. Ive been playing this since early access but I came from ARK and all these survival mechanics are identical so it wasnt an issue for me. The kids on the other hand are new to the concept which made me realize that Conan literally spawns you in a freaking desert with NO instructions. Why not construct a small and yet optional tutorial mode thats not pushed on anyone just stored away in another button on the main menu screen? Every other genre does it but its completely lacking in survival, why?

Maybe because it’s survival like you said, and it’s harsh, and not so forgiving when you start.

We all had our very first game, everybody starts a day, be it with a survival or any other game.
I mean, there are so many guides, You-tube videos, let’s-play, and so on. I think if you want to play a game, it’s also bit up to the people to look around, maybe oh my, ever read a page or two.

Honestly i don’t see and feel the need for a tutorial.
And, if ever a day any tuto should be added to CE, i really hope it’s only activated on demand, and not forced on anybody at start.

@Shadoza That was my thoughts exactly! I did end up putting them in god mode and the minecraft aspect is kicking in for them. Tutorials or a more informational rich tooltip option wouldnt hurt anything imo. Lets look at any structure passed t1; how does anyone know that you need to combine ichor and twine to make stoneconsolidate and then cook that with bricks to make hardened bricks? Even the recipe for steel isnt traditional.

@Vattende Where is the fun in watching someone else play to learn? And did you seriously suggest that my boys dont read? " maybe oh my, ever read a page or two.", everything was understandable until you played the sarcasm. Smooth… Continuing on…

We have tutorials in every(most) shooter, rpg, driving, sports literally every genre including minecraft(arguably the first survival).

How many times a day when you are logged in do you have to answer a simple question in general chat that the game could have easily included in an ultra short optional tutorial… Instead we either pretend to be a walking talking Alexa or we are rude and tell them to read a website. So while you think its not necessary its only because you are handling the tiny and solvable situation yourself. Think about that for 2 seconds.

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First, i’m not sarcastic, it’s simply my opinion.

I mean, english isn’t my main language, i have also go trough many infos, instructions and much more in games and else. But that’s life, that’s learning.
Believe me, i have read lot, because i started also once. I don’t consider myself as a great good gamer. But i have pleasure at what i do.
I think that’s the most important part, interest and fun.

I have 4 kids myself, so i know exactly the story. But i remember also when we played all older games, i remember when i played games ever without an internet connection. And like it was often a real struggle to understand.
I don’t know what game you may remember, but game like Morrowind, or Myst, when no community around, no help, believe me you struggle more than once.

But i think it’s not a bad thing. We live today in a world where all must be done quick, and i believe people have become less patient.
Also no clue how old your boys are. I think if they’re old enough to play this game, with a bit help of your part, they will do very well in few time. Kids are clever.

Then, like i say, as long is not the big tuto imposed at each start, no trouble for me. But yes, i hate these endless tutos and handhold, where you need go trough each time you want restart a new game.

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Great :slight_smile: I couldnt agree more about the endless tutorials. After playing so many similar games I often rage when I am forced into a tutorial instead of it being optional. 8 and 13 btw.

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