Let Us Discuss...The GRIND

Agreed , though I wonder if this grind is to distract from the lack of other content currently ?


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But after you have one set of Epic Armo, with the durability and cheapness of repairing, you don’t necessarily NEED any more. Yes to get that armor it takes running and gathering.

But 775 thick leather is at most 30 minutes, bark 15 to tan it. And I could list all the things needed, but again once you have done it you are basically just accumulating backups and excess. And once you gear up a thrall the collection for it gets even easier. I agree with whichever posts says the only real hard grind is RNG stuff.

The only it feels like a grind is because it doesn’t feel like an adventure to actually get the mats once you have played @50 hours in game. Pvp wise is the only real threat (sans bugs) to losing anything once collected and crafted.

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The only problem with hardened leather once you are fully established is alchemical base. Bearers are a good source but sometimes you can go a really long time without a high enough tier spawning

I have plenty of it but I still think about it each time I use it and make sure it’s worth it, which I can’t say a out any other resource

Once you can make mass quantities of oil at the alchemist and make thick hide from normal hide you’ll have so much of the other resources you struggle to find something to do with it

I guess I could see star metal as grindy if you have horrible luck and never find a meteor so are stuck only farming the mounds for it.

Gonna be blunt. This isn’t the game for you and I dislike everything you said. Rust already exists.

I think the grinding in CE is okay, because in its current state the grinding exists only for sake of grinding. You don’t need to grind at all to be able to play the game efficiently on PvE, PvE-C and Private servers. By that I mean that you can explore the entire map and do almost every dungeon and activity with just the scrap that you loot from camps, dungeons and bosses. You don’t need to grind to do any of that. I mean, look, I am currently lvl 60 on Siptah, I have a T1 base with T1 benches, I wear T1 armor (legs and helmet only because it looks dope) and a pair of stone daggers. And yesterday evening I cleared one of the Elder’s Vault (yeah, my lvl 15 Dire Wolf helped me a lot, but still). And I left the vault with overencumbered inventory full of high grade weapon of all types. Now having all this I can go and clear another vault even faster, and then explore the rest of the map, visiting vaults from time to time to renew my equipment. The only thing I need to grind for is resources to make chests to store all this loot.

Now what I am trying to say… You don’t need 85% of what you are grinding for. It’s just an artificial stretching of gameplay when you are aiming to obtain all pieces of every top tier armor and weapon in the game even though you don’t need it, but still want to possess it. In fact the current state of the game is such that can obtain everything way too easy and too fast, and the devs have to implement artificial stretches to extend the gameplay. Survival elements nonexistent. Feats learning mechanics nonexistent (you simply learn everything by killing monsters). The only thing that remains is gathering of resources. And forcing players to gather more resources is the only way to stretch the gameplay without reworking 80% of the game, and without locking players from casual exploring of all the content.

Reducing grinding will help healing frustration, but it won’t fix the game whatsoever. It will make the game even easier (if not simpler).


The way you play is awesome, this way every single fight has a meaning, but when it comes to world bosses, some of them, like Arena champion or wine cellar skeletons it is extremely risky. Yet if you achieve a win with this equipment the satisfaction must be very big :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I love your spirit, nice way to play, I will try it too :+1:t6:

Yeah, I mostly use weapon and armor that I found in the open world. This way the game feels more like an RPG :smiley:


True, bit Star metal becomes low priority 9nce you have tools. It is not used I’m most armors, and the weapons are outshines by 90%of legendary you get from chest. And master repair kits repair it enough, you only need 1 5 or 6 meteor run and you are set. Again durability and ease of repair remove most mats from being grindy.


Yeah that is a fair bit of it in a nutshell. It can become kind of tedious at times. As @Halk said

But one of the largest parts of the issue for me is the RNG on Recipes, especially on the Isle of Siptah.

And this was a large part of my underlying motive for creating the thread. The reason I didnt really discuss this in the original post is partially because it is random. It is hard to attach numerical data to the issue, and it lacks replicability. And I feel that the RNG is something which needs to be addressed.


I wouldn’t call it much harder, the progression is just more spread out on EL. 1-60 on my latest run on EL was just junk out of Sep chests and I still haven’t smelted steel, T3 base with a couple thousand steel/rein in storage.

I will agree loot is much more abundant in all manners on Siptah. I think a revamp of the frozen north and volcano thrall camps and loot tables would be quite welcome though

Optimal play isn’t necessary the best way to play in my opinion, the problem with this is that grind becomes more visible and begins to feel like a chore.
That said, I recently went to an official conflict server where I knew that I had an old character sleeping with some goodies on her, I remember that I had many chests full of hardened leather and other needed stuff for epic armor, so I turned some of it into the old style paddings which no longer can be used and cannot even be recycled, so currently they are of zero value, but check the screenshot below and start guessing how much hardened you think went into this :joy:
I can tell you right now that there are 500 epic light padding, 450 epic medium padding and 500 epic heavy padding :grin:

I never really felt making epic armor a huge grind once like others have said, “the pipeline is set up and flowing”

If anything I feel like a grind, it is the constant boss battles/Vaults/dungeons to get certain items through the so-called slot-machine, especially on Siptah where the rng is used almost everywhere.

Grind is measured differently by people, some will say this is a huge grind while will say no this is, there isn’t really a definitive answer, and that must be a good thing right?
I mean if people can’t really agree on the same things to be too much of a grind then it is working pretty well.

I have mostly been playing on official servers, back in early access I did some pvp and when I got tired of it for reasons I won’t bore you with here, I went to pve and pve-conflict, again this was mostly official servers, so vanilla settings all the way.
My biggest problem was always that once I got the pipeline flowing, I very quickly reached a point of some boredom…

  • I had at least one or more fully functional base all in T3
  • I had the best crafting thralls
  • I had the best pets/fighters/archers and the thralls were all equipped with at least epic heavy armor and legendary weapons.
  • I had several chest full of legendary weapons and other highend resources, often more than 50 chest full of such stuff.

All my buildings was close to indestructible except for a certain elder purge on Siptah, but no matter how har a purge I otherwise got, they barely did much damage.
I also rarely lost pets or thrall since they were well levelled and had epic armor and some of the best weapons, except for that certain Siptah elder purge I mentioned a bit up, but other than that I rarely lost anything, so I fairly quickly reached a point where I don’t really needed much more resources or new armor and it mostly became about collecting stuff that I didn’t have, not that I really needed it, but just because what else should I spend my time on :thinking:

To sum it up, no I don’t think the grind is too much in Conan Exiles, hell compared to some of the games I have played it feels like a breeze.

If anything should be done about grind and cost of highend stuff, I would actually sort of go the opposite way and see new ways for the costly stuff…

  • Give me a reason to keep gather building materials by adding an upkeep cost instead of the current “refresh you base once a week and you are good”

  • Legendary weapons and armor should not be repairable in any way(get rid of legendary repair kits), and they should be slightly better than any craftable or offer some special function not necessarily just more damage or armor pen, basically be better but only last until they are used up.

  • Armor and weapons on thralls should also wear out just like they do when we as players use them, perhaps not at the same speed as they do now.

If such things were added then I could see a reduction in crafting cost be a good thing because playing the (End)game would give you something to do other than just being social with friends, collecting stuff you don’t really need and waiting for the next big update - Yes I know this may be be upsetting to some, but in my opinion the game needs something like this, especially for pve :slight_smile:


@Halk is not incorrect and I cannot see a different gaming play as optimal. Some people love to farm and build, some people love to farm and store and some others want to focus more on the mob fighting, farming than the other options. It is a game that gives you many options to have fun and that’s the important thing isn’t it? You can always build in places of the map that purge is less destructive, take purge crafters equal to other more difficult places and bother not for the tier of your build. So if you don’t want to grind materials for days this does not make your game optimal, last time I check you were grinding a torch for months, where is the optimal on this one? I also believe that rng is a bit frustrating, in another post I was explaining that after 60(now it is more than 150) flotsam, I didn’t find a grave digger, but the same day I found the recipe in a vault :rofl::rofl::rofl:. What really bothers me in Siptah however is that I don’t know it yet, compared to exile lands that I know almost every stone. What I should do is give it a little more time. I could easily participate in private servers, easy servers and unlock most of the secrets of Siptah in no time, but where is the fun in this? I have patience and a winter in front of me to slowly reveal the secrets of this island. No rush m8, no rush.

If you’re gonna get gold from the volcano, you’re better off killing the gold rocknoses that spawn there :wink:


Personally, I do not see the epic armor crafting being much of a grind at all. I thought of it as a goal to complete my armor by doing various activities, hunting elephants in the savannah, hunting rhinos and other animals with thick leather. Mine or find gold and silver. All the other ingredients which you probably have already since you would made those materials to build a T3 base.

Its not like you make many sets of epic armor. I only made two (one for my thrall - one set was cold resist and other set was heat resist). I pretty much had these supplies before I could make the armor so when I finally got the feat, I had my armor shortly after.

Granted, I never did the supply run again (gold, silver, elephant hides, thick leather). Just think of it as an adventure or a dungeon run. You can even get gold and silver off mobs periodically so its not like you have to mine them either (Exiled Lands). Also chests (as noted above) have gold and silver in them as well. I recall getting my steel supply from the Mounds of the dead just farming that area for Thralls and killing those I was not interested in.

Lastly, you could always buy (from vendors) or trade with other players the supplies you need.

My most beloved materials are raw ash and crystal. Maybe gold rock nose gives you more gold, you can even have a set of them chewing stones everyday pooping gold, but my number one is raw ash. In Siptah however you get so much raw ash from the boss kills or the maelstrom kills that I see my self for the first time to create a chest just for raw ash. In any case farming obsidian nodes is rewarding.
As for the armor trade I was using my thrall, I was wearing War chief and my thrall guardian, so I could visit all the map without issues. To be honest however, I really enjoy the fact that I go everywhere with just a piece of armor.

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Raw ash, for some weird reason, is best harvested with a cleaver from obsidian nodes. :man_shrugging:


I don’t really find killing gold rock noses to be all that valuable. If you’re in the neighborhood you may as well harvest them, but it certainly wont replace mining obsidian. I tested this some when they released, and gold rock noses seemed to average about 4-6 obsidian nodes. About 30-40 goldstone per rock nose vs 7-8 goldstone per node was what I was getting.

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May I ask what tool you use because I usually get 150-200 gold nuggets from the 3 gold rocknoses in vulcano?
7-8 gold nugget in average per obsidian node… WOW, again which tool?
I mainly use starmetal pickaxe or pick and I don’t even get half of that, heck sometimes thousands of obsidian ore without getting a single gold nugget, to me it seems the rng chance of gold from obsidian seems very much on the low side compared to other gold sources

Yeah and then in PvP you lose your armor quickly because you died in 4 hits to something OP. Or some bug where you get oneshot (crit axe, if your remember the bug).

But it’s totally fine. Don’t nerf any more things.