Let Us Discuss...The GRIND

Raw ash, for some weird reason, is best harvested with a cleaver from obsidian nodes. :man_shrugging:


I don’t really find killing gold rock noses to be all that valuable. If you’re in the neighborhood you may as well harvest them, but it certainly wont replace mining obsidian. I tested this some when they released, and gold rock noses seemed to average about 4-6 obsidian nodes. About 30-40 goldstone per rock nose vs 7-8 goldstone per node was what I was getting.

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May I ask what tool you use because I usually get 150-200 gold nuggets from the 3 gold rocknoses in vulcano?
7-8 gold nugget in average per obsidian node… WOW, again which tool?
I mainly use starmetal pickaxe or pick and I don’t even get half of that, heck sometimes thousands of obsidian ore without getting a single gold nugget, to me it seems the rng chance of gold from obsidian seems very much on the low side compared to other gold sources

Yo dawg, I heard you like rng, so I set the rng rates to be rng deployed over rng servers :rofl:


Yeah and then in PvP you lose your armor quickly because you died in 4 hits to something OP. Or some bug where you get oneshot (crit axe, if your remember the bug).

But it’s totally fine. Don’t nerf any more things.

Star metal pickaxe as well. Chances are good your sample sizes are bigger than mine at this point, definitely RNG heavy on those obsidian nodes.

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I used to farm with sickle or skiing knife too. I did it to avoid taking obsidian. These 3 tools are giving you all the rest except obsidian, if I remember correctly I took more crystal with skinning knife and more gold with sickle, I don’t remember well. But for a time I use to farm this way, so I confirm 100% what you said. Yet after my pvp days are gone I don’t visit volcano often, especially now that I play almost only Siptah.


This is not really a huge deal in Siptah, as Gold/Silver and Ichor is usually not that hard that hard to farm (actual places to get gold and silver nodes) and advanced tools to harvest are not that hard to get (especially with black ice to create hardened steel tools).

I kind of noticed that the ‘grind’ you stated ignored that you can get good tools and tool upgrades to mitigate the grind.

Yeah, I literally said that in the paragraph following the one you quoted :slight_smile:

Back when I played on Siptah, it had inferior tools when compared to Exiled Lands, because the highest tier you could craft was star metal, and the chance of getting Black Blood tools to drop were lower than winning the Lotto*. But still, even with star metal tools with advanced tool upgrade you could still get very good yield of pretty much everything, just not the best yield.

However, that was in Siptah early access. I hear that you people now have access to all the tools, as long as you don’t mind pulling the slot-machine lever incessantly :grin:

No, it didn’t. The whole point my post was that I don’t consider farming excessively grindy, and that my main problem with grind in Conan Exiles can be blamed on the devs’ overreliance on RNG:


While I have never viewed black blood tools as little more than a status symbol, they aren’t that grindy to get. For me personally, the risk of breaking the tool or going through that god awful oil process fooling myself into believing that was faster, I’ve always used a SM pickaxe primarily because there is no black blood pickaxe.

Buuut now, you can easily unlock eldarium tools which last I tested were on tier with black blood and had a pickaxe. Plus they can be repaired if broken because despite the huge number of fragments of power I have, I still think the oil game is a fools errand.

I believe obsidian is on the same tier as Black Blood. We got 5 full sets of BB from a “raid,” and I have used my Nemedians on them before they get anywhere near 1/4 dead. My clanmate would only use obsidian once he unlocked it, so I get all the purty ones.

Did they change that? Because they used to drop only from that boss on top New Luxur, and that dude had one RNG roll to determine which loot table to use and then a second roll on that table, so the chances were abysmal.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the new Eldarium tools! That’s the new Siptah stuff that I’ve only seen on the wiki. I’m waiting for the character transfer bugs to be ironed out before trying Siptah again.

Yeah, obsidian is the same tier, but during Siptah early access you couldn’t craft obsidian tools either. It was a dark time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When we frame our RNG in Siptah terms, not awful lol As with Siptah, if you go into the situation looking for a specific reward you are going to likely get frustrated.


100% agree.

U can be a guiding person… nurture and help…i have stopped grinding for myself… Most of the times i grind to help the ones i think r good aspects of the server, help people, give em less frustration (needs some attention not to break their immersion or the joy an achievement gives when u do it on ur own…).
What u really need to understand is that u give and most people will make their circle inside game and then they will decay… I never thought the materials/weapons/armors i gave to anyone wasted… most people stop helping cause they see people leaving(i just believe that they do not fully realise that this game the way it is now has this aspect)…

Sometimes the real reason to play is the communitty u keep along the way … Some u keep for longer, some for not that long… There is nothing bad about it…


I was so excited about this game when I first started playing about a month ago. I purchased all the DLCs, but then reality hit. I need so many exotic things to build or make certain armor that who the heck wants to do it? Lets not get into modes of transportation, I can have a horse thats so hard to ride I would rather walk/run.
I dont know zip about chests and can hardly stay alive. So I find myself hating it now, what a waste of a great concept due to some ingredients that are impossible to get. The ramblings of a new and losing interest player.

This is so nice.


As with all survival games there is a learning curve. There’s also a tipping point where you go from simply surviving to thriving.


True. I have a love hate relationship right now. I do love the game…I love starting out from zero, and seeing how fast I can level.


I would not call the game very grindy at all, i think its pretty well balanced and 2 or 3 dedicated runs for specific materials should be enough for a singleplayer with a few thralls.

For example dragonbone (Dragon Armor) make 1-2 runs kill the small dragons and you should be pretty much set on dragonbone.

There are games iam thinking GTA as a proud example of GRIND! In this example we are talking about a singleplayer that just plays with random people.

Rockstar release a car at the cost of 3,8 million gta dollars, a mission with a payout of 22.000 dollars takes around 15-20 minutes to complete (including loadtime) of those 22 thousand you have to deduct around 3000 for armor and bullets, thats a hell of a long time to grind in order to get that new car.

And if you run the heists (with randoms) you can try to pass the heist and devoting 2 hours for example, and finally 1 person drops out and you load back into the regular game, 2 hours for aboslutly nothing except you spent your money on armor and bullets to past the heist.

(Big reason i dont play GTA anymore)

So in regards to this i wont say that Conan is grindy at all, you can spend 2 hours of an evening just whacking stone, and you will be set on stone for a looong time forward.


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