Let Us Discuss...The GRIND

My dear @linhotl I am so sorry but I didn’t understand either of your 2 posts :rofl:. First of all welcome to the forum :+1:t6:. If you want to reply to a post at the end of it on the bottom it has an arrow, press on it and you can type your reaction to this post. If however you need to speak to more persons you can press@ and then the name of the one you want to address your thoughts, so he(she) will be noticed and answer. If however you knew all these, it’s a happiness to have you here and welcome again :+1:t6:

Ah like in Canada, “what’s that honk sound? Crap it’s spring, the hissing cobras are back run!!!” (Canadian geese) :wink:

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@Achillesroar , Isn’t the world a small place after all?
@Croms_Faithful, sorry we went a bit of topic here, thanks m8 :+1:t6:

Ps. Achilles is the name of my father and my Son, in Greece it is pronunced Ahilleas.