Let's rework some things

Hello everybody.
Main problem tsw is hi-end content. It’s true.
What i want see:

  1. More dungeons.
    Not all dungeons from story have elite version. Why?!
    All the time go throw same dungeons is terruble gameplay -_-
  2. Rework destillate reward from dungeon at e-10.
    Bosses healt and damage for e-10 are too high, but reward for this like a bad joke up on players.
    Make reward distillies for e-10 = story reward from NYR story mode (i’m mean one week story NYR reward). Or all player would be play in e-9 all the time because it’s simpler, faster and more profitable.
  3. PVP arenas and rewards
    No profit from pvp gaming, no daylies and only one map.
    Add reward from pvp arenas what would be counted as main or side missions.
  4. Museum are broken.
    Atm we can’t finish all exposition becaus some items are drops from dungeons what we not have in game (see orochy tank).
    Bring back dungeons/rework loot table for expositions.
  5. Dummies in agrartha and freezes.
    Are you know what happens in agartha with ping? Sure u know it! Ping can be 100-2000 when player do megabosses or raid come backfrom lair or what ever.
    We can’t use dummies for check our dps without freezes issues.
    So… I’m think if u move dummies in Museum all will be happy. U can make new wing. U can place all dummies in there or make panel where player can summon dummies or vendor where player can buy dummie and wing where he can summon it. Just make for us location where we can check or build without issues with freezes/ping.
  6. Dungeons selection
    Random dungeon is a good, but i’m want to have ability for choose what dungeon run.
    I propose the following: make sub menu for all elite dungeon where player can choose dungeon where he want to go. if player select parent section all sub section auto checks on.
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There used to be a place for this. It even had healing test dummies and a group of dummies to test AoE focused builds.

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I’m come in secret world when released SWL. Never play in old TSW.

He means the Training Halls for your factions. That used to be the basic training area in TSW.

I agree!:slight_smile:

Already watched the interviews? Those answer a few of the questions I believe…

All of your points were in Secret World. All are things many of us have asked about for a year.

Why Funcom thought putting everything in Mallgartha with the latency and the fact it’s usually the first to break is beyond me. The Faction HQ testing areas were so much better.

I’d think a summonable dummy or a room we could put them in our Museum would be a great idea. No latency there!

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I feel sad for you, bro. Really :slightly_frowning_face:

I am fine with e10 dungeons and sometimes run a few.
As long as I am not tanking :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no much difference to dps e9 or e10. Tanking is just…not that good to health in e10 especially I just took a surgery and will take another soon :stuck_out_tongue: