Lets try a different language for a report on crashes

Performance could benefit from avoiding using direct mapped allocation for things that could be easily done with dynamic allocation without the need for expansive and unstable use of mapped allocation that might end up crashing the game when it encounter a configuration or software management that is not predicted by the instruction of mapped allocation.

That is what people mean when they say “Cant you fix the crashes instead of adding new things that end up crashing even more the game ?” or some more offensive version of it.

While this is not a problem when you use a machine that is ready to run this kind of software and is not “optimized” by “cash grab” or “adware spreading” baity solutions, but still, once or twice, it makes the game crash even so.

And that is why many people experience crashes when exiting the game, something that should actually never happen even if you try to run the game in a 486 DX2 66Mhz. The game should not even start, and not try to “allocate” itself and fail.

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