Level 24 game pass prize outfit is not suitable for wizard players

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Battle Pass
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2212

Bug Description:

I bought a game pass to win a prize at level 24 with a wizard design, but the outfit I received is not suitable for wizard players and has no other visual options. I feel deceived and it’s unfair to create clothes with a wizard design that don’t correspond to wizard costumes. I ask that the problem be resolved to make the outfit more suitable for wizard players.

Bug Reproduction:

Reached level 24 on the battle pass.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your complaint or not. If you like the stats offered on another set of armor better for ‘wizards,’ then just craft the armor you like and use the Thaumaturgy bench to change it’s appearance to the one in the battle pass.

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I can’t do this on the Thaumaturgy bench.Have you tried?

Are you saying you don’t know how to use the bench or it doesn’t work with that specific armor?

it doesn’t work with the red clothing summoned by the wizard portal

Oh, you’re talkin’ about summoned gear? Yeah, you can’t transmog the Abyssal gear because it’s made to be temporary. I thought you were talking about gear from the battle pass.

yes,I thought that the level 24 armor from the pass, due to its resemblance to the wizard’s clothing, was an alternative variant.

The Abyssal armor was designed for PvP and only lasts a short time, but because it is so powerful, it can’t be transmogrified to look like anything else, so you can’t hide the fact that you’re wearing it. It’s not a bug that other armors don’t have the same stats as the Abyssal set, it’s unique.

If it was designed for PvP, why does it regenerate when I kill an NPC and stay equipped when I log out of the game? You agree?

The fact is that it’s similar to the Abyss outfit but it’s not an Abyss outfit. It’s like if there’s a sword in the picture, then I buy the sword, but in reality it’s a pickaxe. It’s strange, you agree?

It’s not promoted as a any specific kind of armour, it just is… not liking what it looks like is hardly a bug.

Given that each piece of this armour set confers a stamina bonus i’d argue it’s already suitable for sorcery players.

I agree that it is usable, and since it increases stamina, it would be great to use for climbing equipment. However, I wouldn’t trade the red one for this to use as a wizard during the game. Would you actually do that? For me, the problem is not if it is usable, but rather that it led me to mistake it for a wizard outfit skin rather than any regular armor in the game. Furthermore, I believe that the items from the pass would be purely cosmetic, but I may be mistaken.

Abyssal Armor Set: 1000 base armor, Health +120, Follower Damage +12%, Stamina +15, Carrying Capacity +30%, Strength Weapon Damage +50%, Agility Weapon Damage +50%, cold resistance 5, heat resistance 5, weightless. That’s why I only play as a wizard using it, but if someone knows of a better armor for wizards so I can use the skin from the pass armor 24, it would help solve the problem.

You thought wrong :man_shrugging:

This is not a bug.
If you want to try and refund your battle-pass, because you feel like you were somehow mislead… you can contact Zendesk and select in-game purchase

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thank you for everyone’s help, I enjoyed the forum, the community is very helpful


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