Level 7 Purge - God Avatars

Would be a really threatening addition if Purges (at max level) could have NPCs that summoned a God avatar as part of their attack on a player’s base. Perhaps a high priest in the midst of the Purge waves?

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I disagree with this well at least not for pve

If you don’t want it, just don’t set the server settings on the Purge meter to level 7. Everything else would stay the same as it is right now (because we currently don’t have a level 7). This would be for those who want to increase the survival aspect of the game.

And then sit in my volcano base and laugh my ■■■ off when the avatars wander into the lava and instantly die.

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I’d like that. I think it’d be interesting to have to fight that. Though purges are bugged on my server atm. Waiting for the next patch to fix them hopefully.


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