Level UP System Bug Thrall ! [stats+attributes bug]

Game mode:: 1043 Official Server PVE-C
Type of issue: : Bug
Server type: PVE-C
Region:: EU

Today i level up my thrall to level 13 , Lian (but others thralls suffer too from this problem) , then i log out and go to sleep for 7 hours when i logged in the 1043 server my thrall Lian haved lv 0 with some xp on him , i maked him to kill a skeleton mob and he level up from that xp to lv 6 , not lv 13 how it was 7 hours ago and his stats are all lower than before , like 54 str now is 19 str and lower health than before because of this bug lowering his status , others thrall suffered too , they have the health and status like placed and then update [i mean is like you haved them placed and the update come at the ones whos already placed cant level anymore and dont have any special atributes and lower health etc than the new ones , but the ones that i have placed near my base are almost all after update and can level up but they got status like they were already placed when update comed , it wasnt like that 1 day ago] . Others persons from 1043 pve-c suffer too from this bug .

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place your thrall , bring him with you or not to level up , log-off , thrall status get down[or after server restart maybe not log-off]
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This has happened to us again today as well

This is game breaking, have had to revert back to a backup several times to rectify this ! The thralls actually are reverting to a LOWER health and stat rate than originally placed. We thought it was mod related, but now indicated on an official server proves it is not mods, but a coincidence that it occured after a mod install cause it requires a restart, and its just the restart that causes it…

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Hey @MariusPCMR

Did this issue happen when the server restarted?

That seems to be the case yes.

This has only happend twice on the server (it is at a restart/crash) but it should be noted that the server has crashed atleast 8+ times since the update so it is not a guarantee that it will mess up the thralls.

The ones that messed with the thralls were:
Saturday -> Sunday
Sunday -> Monday

It crashed Monday morning 10-12? (unsure)
and now today from 13-14 -> 15:30 but these have not caused the thralls to lose their stats.

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I think so because , at 5:34 pm [or near that time] it logged me out of server and i couldn’t connect for 1 hour and then sv was restarted , and Lian wasn’t home then i logged out and when i logged in [after i wake up] Lian was in last position i leaved him and his stats were very low and they still are [0 attributes, low hp 30-60% less depend the thralls , i have more thralls with this issue] , all my thralls stats too and others players thralls from this 1043 pve c have this issue [many of them] . https://imgur.com/a/9Nz7aGy

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Hi fellow exiles, my set-up is:
Single player mode
Savage Steel
AoC s add-on
I had a problem since update regrading thralls where the game fatal crashed and my thralls lost all there gained health and went to level zero. I decided to do a fresh reinstall of the game and when I logged in with the same mods my thralls were back to normal stats just before game crash, not saying it will work for everyone as I was ready to throw in the towel with this latest bug but I took the time to reinstall and see what happens. I hope everyone with this and other issues will get them resolved. I am in game now and if I come across any more issues relating to lvl zero I will post back. Happy gaming. This post is also shown in thread: Thralls/pets/followers all back to level 0? PLZ HELP! - as it relates to the same issue (not spam).

Thanks for the additional info. Our team will look into it.

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1043 PVE-C server crashed today and was offline for 30 minutes , my thralls are bugged again… even my 2nd Lian that i raised him thill lv 9… now lv 0 with some xp to lv 3… and health 3k and strenght 0 and all attributes… now i need to get another thrall but i wont anymore because of this bug … its ruining my gameplay experience and make me frustrate and angry… last patch didnt fix it… [if it was intended to do it].
The problem is when the server crash [i can confirm now] and maybe restart also… please fix this problem . https://imgur.com/a/HJOlnxP

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