Levelcap content

Hello. Tell me please, what kind of activity opens after level 50?

Now I go through a chain of quests in Transylvania, which will lead to Tokyo, all weapons and artifacts have been upgraded to level 25 (blue). Can they be improved further? The training is over, nothing is explained further. Or simply follow the story further?

Is it possible to read the text of the game somewhere outside the game? Some parts and did not find, but on wiki and resources, there is almost nothing.

When you reach fifty, you will be able to upgrade your weapons to purple, then yellow and finally red. (This will take a long time. I’ve been doing things since the relaunch and only have to characters with yellow weapons.)
You can follow the story just fine, but after the level cap, they won’t take you to any other missions, so you will have to do some exploring (Or just check your map.) to find them and do them.
What texts from the game are you referring to? If you mean the Lore, the site www.TSWDB.com has all of the lore, not to mention locations if you want to complete it in-game.
There’s also scenarios and Elite Dungeons. Just press Shift+V to open the menu and look which tiers you’ll be able to do. These will depend on your ‘Item Level’ which you can see on your status screen and means the level of your equipment. The higher that level gets, the more difficult the enemies in the dungeons will be, but also the bigger the rewards.

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Don’t forget scenarios, Shambala, world bosses, lairs and more…once you hit 50.

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Shambala is I believe 15 or so.
But Raids, Elite Dungeons, the new Faction missions, Lairs are really only visable starting from 50, regionals…lot of the grinding content opens up at 50.
It’s where you learn that blue while it seems like good gear is in the great scheme of things adoreable.

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