Leveling unavailable/untameable thralls?

OK, now the subject sounds a bit paradox, but what I want to ask is: Are those thralls that are now unavailable (Sepermeru Captain) or untameable (Bandit Leader) able to level up once the update has arrived?
Because I still have a few captains in a chest…
My thought is that Funcom might neglect to give these NPCs the necessary data for the leveling system since the NPCs are not considered to be taken as thralls anymore.


+1 I too would like to know (I even have a couple of Vathises in a chest but I suspect they still insta-die on spawn)

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The Captain from Sepermeru have always been tameable, even after becoming unavailable, so I guess those in chests will take the new ability to level up. But those, like the Bandit leader, that are untameable will not since you must tame a thrall before he / she can level up.

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That would be bad for those people who have some Bandit Leaders stored away…

BTW, as an admin on my private server I can spawn a thrall fully tamed, even a Bandit Leader :wink:

My guess would be they are on the system, unless they’re part of a group/faction that, as a whole, is not supposed to be tameable. From the dev stream it seems stat allocations etc are mainly based on faction and tier, and I believe all thralls will have one of those.

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