Leveling up player

Whatt is best way to level up from 1 to 35 (with any resources)

Exploring and journeystepping is the fastest way to get there.
If u have any friend or volunteeer at high levels, u can always power level by fullfilling more advanced journey steps (like give you to hold - and return him an obsidian,black ice ,legendary weapon, 1 star metal ore, the head of a king animal, a dye to paint an arour piece, norheiner armour,epic armour, flawless armour, modify a piece of armour wth a kit etc)

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do the basics jouirney steps. And then resort to killing either rocknoses in the desert, or for me i head to jungle and run loops around the witch queen area and pagoda of boundless lust camp. Grey Sasquatch apes are easiest to kill at low level for the XP you get. (stone daggers and stone Spear). Dump points into 1st perk agility, then str until you hit level 35. Harvest the savory meat for your heals, along with hides for tar for later. Run by pagoda for thrall kills and random armor and steel weapon drops (mainly the mace lol) if you want. If you aren’t rushing, build a few small thrall wheels and you may be able to start capturing basic crafting thralls that should be done close to when you are hitting level 60. Haven’t done it in about 3 months, but i could easily get to level 60 without help in 6-8 hours in that area alone. i normally captured Level 2 and above for tanner, smelter, carpenter, and taskmaster. Named alchemist and Named black smith will spawn usually during my cycles, along with FIA the armorer. Kill all priests, as they are useless until you hit endgame. Named fighters aren’t worth it from this area either.

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