Leviathus doesnt give blue chest in raid finder (purple ok)

Hello i’m not the only one in my guild who didnt loot a chest on Leviahtus, is it possible to investigate this bug?

Indeed, in my guild I see people also complaining there is no rare box for the RF kill of Leviathus.
I have experienced it myself too.

Maybe it is on purpose? Considering how easy this RF is they could have put it in claim instead, because this is one really is ridicoulus.

Well but if you go back in to try and get pet, you get one blue box…so why stay for levi?

Every other RF mob gives a blue box, suspect its a bug?

now i’m sure it’s a bug because leviat doesnt give any AA xp while trash mobs do…any chance we have a bug correction before end of this RF or we will recall this 10 th anniversary as a new hopeless funcom fail?

Also Flame Torrent hits for normal amount. Seems that is an oversight.

the dot for 2nd on aggro also hits for full amount, impossible to do alright dmg without dying to it on some chars xD