Lewd, Home Away from Home (Adult) PVE (E) RP (PC)

Lewd, Home Away from Home (Adult) PVE (E) RP

Escape the rat race, relax and build to your hearts content.

Responsive Admins available for updates and modest server improvements (vendors, Thespians etc…)
Hub W/ portals for fast travel, free kits available for Lvl boost and starter pack. New arena just added.

Small mod list (see Discord).

RP is freestyle use C.L.A. for the purists

Rules are simple:
Adults only 21+ preferred
Respect others on the server.
No kink shaming.
Don’t be an emotional abuser
Don’t be a douche canoe
(Life lesson: When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time. - Oprah Winfrey & Maya Angelou)

discord pf6Uemn