Leyshrine of the demon surge 1000+

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So have base near Demon Leyshrine - preformed around 19-20 summoning with 1000-1220 energy and did not see any crafter’s better as T3.

Getting around 4-5 T4 warrior thralls ,1-2 T4 bearers / Dancers ,2-3 T4 Archers and occasionally T4 Priest … One average summoning ?

Is this Shrine Bug ?

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Always using this shrine, so far we got 3 T4 smelters, T4 armorer, T4 taskmaster, and thats from about 15-20 summons

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It’s not bugged it’s just random. 1000+ essence doesn’t guarantee T4 crafters so you may get stuck with a bunch of fighters.

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Done 15 (1010-1015 energy surge ) and 7 (1210 energy surge ) still to see any T4 crafter’s so from 23 surge not a single T4 crafter’s its a Fuc… Joke …

Which surge are you summoning? I’ve had most of my luck with Aqualonian which is the north west.

Summoned all - minimum twice tho usually North one …

somone has really bad luck. what surge are you doing?

stick to one, aquilonian has the wider range of possible t4s, (professions)

north one , can net you a t4 smelter and cooks.
north east : carpenters, armorers, smelter, tawskmaster
east : blacksmiths, taskmasters , tanners
center : tanners alchemists
south : cooks and alchemists.
west : carpenters and taskmasters .

this needs revisiting by funcom, as the other professions per factions does not seem to spawn…

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