LF avid players for our Clan!

Black Ring Citadel is looking to add some more friends to our ranks! Currently we have a few members on a fairly new server we have moved to that we like to call home. We are looking for some new avid players who like pvp and vanilla like servers. The server is a private server with 3 admins who do a great job of making sure the server runs smoothly but do not interfere with the play style of pvp and raiding. Only rule that they have is raid times.
(US) Surviving Hyboria - No Gods Lite RP-PvP
===General Info===
Server Created: 2-10-2018
Weekdays Raid Times: 3:30 PM PST – 9:30 PM PST
Weekends Raid Times: Open All Weekend
Increased RAM and CPU Usage – Meaning better server performance!
===Server Stats===
x1 Experience
x1 Gathering
Gods Disabled
Short Nights
So if you’re looking to make some new friends and have fun on a pvp server without pesky admins and powertripping daisy’s, comment on the post, or send me a friend request if it’s on facebook, or send me a friend request on steam@ Scorpion13. The new combat patch will be out soon so it would be great to have some more friends to practice combat with! Also, this a recruit page for Black Ring Citadel. We at BRC stick together cause home is where the heart is. Hope you join us and we look forward to meeting some new friends.