LF Info on another official server

Are there ANY official EU PVE servers out there at all, where people don’t run around in Silent Legion armor as soon as they hit the required level?

Because it’s starting to bug me, that all i ever see are serverwide Silent Legion armor users as soon as they can…

And yes, i know it’s the best in the game, and of course it’s peoples own choice, but i’d really like a server where people aren’t using it exclusively if possible…

So yeah, if there is any that people play on can someone put a reply? :slight_smile: it’d be much appreciated ^^

You can always try out RP servers :wink: there people dont do silent legion armor all day

For example:

Thanks man :slight_smile: i may just look into that one ^^ sounds interesting

We are on a PVP Server & i know that one of my clan wears the Dafari quite often, and i always run around in that Vanir :hearts: