LF Neut Org EU time

Hi guys, returning player + kid /12 lf nice neut org.
IDK, but i was spamming the NEUT chat like 5-7 times and nothing, so i am wondering if there are any neut orgs on the old server at all?

We’re playing from EU.
Thanks a lot

I see a lot of Neuts in orgs in Bor & RP’ers in NLC when I’m on (US EST-- 10:00am-ISH). But yeah hardly ever see neut orgs recruiting.

Last time I logged we were still a few neutralizers playing. Tell me or linkmeta, I log on tomorrow evening and see if ya want to get in :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure The Union recruits. Ask Maroula or Pyromanche about it on RK5.

If you are on RK19 we DEFINITELY recruit and you can get in touch with Berael.

I play on the old server… yeah i am seeing people in neut orgs, but nobody recruits. Perhaps ill make a neut org myself lol… too bad, it’s fine having a group of people to exchange experiences with.

Logged in borealis tonight and found some neutrals hanging on. Also wasn’t able to find you using your forum name. There were ppl on the union chat also. Drop me a tell if you want and I’ll see if I can help you.

True Neutral are recruiting AFAIK.

yeah saw these for instance

Hi, i play on various times a day. My ingame names are "Schee - Fixer, Sensodinn - Doc, and Badza - Shade :slight_smile: Thanks!