LF someone to level PvP lvl with

I don’t even dare queue up for pvp with lvl 0 Barb of mine especially considering I have no pvp gear. Anyone here who would be willing to help me lvl in pvp?

The pvp 4 gear is a good entry for minigames and the best way to get it is to do the pvp events week once a month. I believe those will be back in 2 weeks. Most groups will accept a lowbie that just wants to level.

Accumulate your pvp consumables and pop them all at once with an pvp xp potion and manual of carnage book. Normal you can get pvp 4 in 2-3 days without doing much.

If you go to the Arena in fotd, you can just get pvp4 in like 30 minutes or so, with bori book, 4h buff and saga rewards :slight_smile:

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Sounds like hyak is offering to take you under his wing

LMAO! Yep. He will kill you very fast so you will get XP very fast too. It’s a Guarantee! Trust Hyak.

Is that a joke or serious reply? xD can’t say through the text

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Just message me your timezone and when you wanna farm the arena and I’ll bring a lowbie to help you level up :slight_smile: