LFG Clan Members on Cursed Sands PVP/ RP ERP, politics, war agenda


Seeking the following roles filled.

Chamber Girls similar to that of a Courtesan as many a we can get.
Slaves in general for anything we need. as many as we can get.
House Warriors: for raids and protection. Needs lots of these guys… please.
Scouts for settlement locations.
Messengers for hushed and silent sending traveling. Need 2 of these two work as a team for protection of each other.
Slavers for capturing other players. If your interested in doing this contact me on discord.
Assassins for political agenda’s. Need atleast a team of 5
Trackers for specialized missions. Need atleast 3 of these
Per Wadjet is the name of the clans location it is Set religion based clan across from an admin rp team. We plan to be involved with alot of rp on the server. We need strong players good at pvp that understand what it means to use it to enhance rp. . DEEP in bdsm play, M/S, D/S Highly involved in RP and delving into political agenda’s. We need your help to stay alive. Contact me on discord. Mourncaller 1323

PLease note if possible we would like to do a preinstall of your character and get you geared up and put up in the base for your fast track to rp so you don’t have to worry about the grind. IF you have a level 60 character on any server and wish to join. and possibly get a pre level up There is zero promise to give you a level boost but take a screenshot aof your stats and level and a picture of your avatar, for the admins. They may not do it as the leveling abiltiy is very hight and you can get to level 60 in like 2 or 3 days but yea. just in case you can. I look forwward to telling a story with you and getting to know you as a player. come join us.