LFM for EU pvp servers


Hi there!

I am looking for people/at least a person :slight_smile: to join me in EU pvp servers. I usually play solo, because I haven’t found a single person who would play conan for a month or not playing on American servers, i have friends but they prefer American servers, which is not good for me as I still study so I can’t be online till 5-6. I have 1-2k hours in-game, so I am not really newbie.

My reason for searching is the following:

  • TOO MANY UNDERMESHERS and DDOSERS who are making conan boring
  • Playing against clans from 2-10 players is not funny specially when they chase u either on ground with at least 3-4 thralls and gl facing them or on horse and yeah…
    This is why I would really fancy if there would be servers where solo players could play. If u have at least one clanmate, then you can make separate ways, for eg. one defends, other is bombing or sth like that.
  • I am lonely… :frowning:

So if you have the same feelings, like I do or just wanna join someone, hit me up here, or send me an email: dominikmarton1@gmail.com