LFM Pillars of Heaven


Of course, would have to be a non-combat usable Totem/Altar with both long cast time (12+ seconds) and long Cooldown-time (25 mins between activations) so people can’t switch as they please mid-combat and use it like a bubble.

Animation while casting it could be bowing to a Statue of Erlik or just doing the cultural dance.


I think that to avoid that kind of problem, it would be easier to activate/remove that buff only by clicking some statues in the hubs, where pvp is disabled by default anyway. Or another option, to be able to use them only when Shield of the Risen is active.


yeah that can work

btw can an admin split this thread ? :smiley:


Sounds great! :slight_smile:


Just did another Pillars run today. Me in my dps spot did not anger or trigger anyone. I worked awesome as dps and more use than as a kiter. As always it’s only elitists who have problems with Conqs being dps.


A rune usable only in hubs (so no need a long casting-time being a no-pvp area, but a long cooldown time yes. Gateway of Khitai could be added to hubs), the effect not cancelable except using the rune, the no-pvp buff activated by default for all toons after the merge and, more of all, for all new toons (few people read game manual/news/etcc… and so pvp is always a conscious choice). In this terms could work and prolly the development time would be fast


Indeed, or just a clickable Statue that is only in Hubs instead of a Rune. :slight_smile:


I didnt come across any posts where people were against you playing carnage conq per say. I only saw posts raising the issue of you stating you would gladly compete with the actual tanks and roll need for tank gear that for you is only vanity, while they need it to further do the tanking job for you in harder dungeons. :thinking:


No one needs blue gear. Gear excuse is always made by elitists. I had a successful run where I explicitly stated the blue helmet is mine if it drops. While it didn’t sadly, the tanks I played with didn’t give a damn about blue gear, because who does? When people don’t listen and keep taking things out of context situations like these happen, where people say I shouldn’t dps.
As for when I do get purple plate gear, the only time I roll need is when everyone has better or same gear because sometimes it is nice vanity. The only time I always roll need is heavy or 1h gear.
I have ran at least 50+ Mona/palace and everyone is always surprised how well I do my role and actually prefer me to do the buffing/dps than kiting or tanking (not that I can do it anymore).
No one here asks me how I play, they just take assumptions which are always wrong, yet I have been playing since 2014, and sure I was always shunned amongst elitists for playing Carnage, but with people who actually play content and not nag all, I am well liked. I would probably raid if not for the fact I am never on the evenings. So instead of listening to the elitists, maybe ask the player first?


If you actually do pass on purple tank items when tank needs it, i dont see any issue with you playing carnage :slight_smile: hf and gl with the runs.


Thanks for understanding. FINALLY someone does.