LFM - PvP NA official - Campaign starts November

I been playing Conan since early access, take a break every now and then between campaigns. My friend and I are wanting to start a new campaign in November to get situated before the big patch drops in December. Am looking for 2 or 3 new friends to build an empire with. My friend and I have close to 6000 hours in Conan Exiles between us, quite experienced. Combat will take place on an official NA PvP server, which one we will determine later.

PM me for more info.

Hey, I just reinstalled and am interested. May have a friend coming with as well. Experienced players, not quite as much as you, but decent.

I’m interested! I’m currently lvl 60 and solo playing on an official server, could probably just join this server.

Sounds good, I’d be interested.

Timezone and Platform?

PC, server is EST

Still looking for active people.

Still looking

Again, still looking