Liches/Demigods/Demonic Symbiotes - Roll with me on this for a moment

Liches/Demigods/Demonic Symbiotes
(Derived from a different topic, then expanded upon)

Possibly have a hard limit of ONE… OR maybe just a FEW of them per server…

Can even write in a benefit to this… something that drops with their body… an artifact that is one of the requirements to become one of these liches/demigods/chosen demonic symbiotes(channeling stargate for a moment)…

Becoming one of these WOULD be op… but if they raise the level cap, and make that route exponentially difficult…

-They must be clan-less for X levels… (keep them solitary, prevent a clan of liches…)
-STEEP xp progression,
-must sacrifice X%(of your total, with a minimum) number of named fighter thralls as part of the ritual.

And if these individuals are too much of an a$$h0l3… they can be taken down through cooperation of people on servers. And whoever got the artifact, could work toward achieving this… huge stat bonus… maybe some sorcery… etc… would encourage a bit of cooperation, even on PVP servers.

Kind of king of the hill/server… ish… till they are overthrown.

Just an idea…

would be neat to see liches in some of the ruins… could even make them remnants of the giantkings… living among their ruins… as for a player becoming one… yeah… cool… balanced?.. F**k no lol… I don’t see how this could be balanced… but a rare limited drop weapon/armor would be awesome to go with them… give them 5 weapons to drop that are unique and can only exist once per server…

I say no!

We don’t have sorcery yet. These forms are for transformation spells. Demigod a big no. Transformations should be permanent. As in you can change back to your human form at any time.

Just no. This is just OP nonsense again. Just completely unnecessary.

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