Life After Sixty?

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Seems like there is a lot to do after 60?
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When someone gets level 60 on our server, we congratulate them and welcome them to the start of the real game. (So yes, lots to do at 60.)

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Most of the game these days is at endgame. Leveling has become so quick, it’s just a speedbump along the way, at least in my experience.

Of course, there’s endgame stuff you can do at lower levels (Firespark has a video series where he completes the content at level 21, using decidedly cheesy tactics, but that’s the point he’s trying to make). But, by and large, the most interesting stuff to do is after you’re done with leveling. Levels 1-59 are really just a tutorial, IMO.


Usually I deleted my character once I got to the top: it was boring,
now with the new thrall training system I do not care a pluck about my level, and paly only to improve the thrall/pet.

I’ll be certain to pass this along to the population of my server, the majority of whom are level 60 (and in some cases, have been so for well over a year). If only we’d known! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are so many items to discover in the game now. Most of which I find after 60. I personally like the leveling thrill though, so I run the lvl 300 mod from Multigun (really, continued by him). It adds some nice paragon type perks. I actually like to make PvE harder than vanilla, so there is a good reason to push through to the 60+ levels and get those perks, as well as the standard ability increases and perks.

But all that aside, the content is very repeatable and no end to creativity in building, so 60 is just a small factor.

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