Light Armor Crafting

Why is there no light armor crafting for barbarians? The only light armor you can craft has wisdom.

I’m wondering the same, all the other characters have. But not for the barbarian.

There are some open world recipes that drop, but nothing from the default recipes. I can craft some, send me a pm. Mikestos on crom

Yeah for craft-armor for barb you’ve got :

  • Some World-drop lvl 40+ (drop on normal mob or elite depend of wich piece)
  • Set lvl 62 (base craft for set 78 - drop at Catacomb, last boss)
  • Set lvl 78 (drop Onyx & Cie)

lot’s of crafter got the lvl 62 set, and some got the lvl 78 set

but yeah they don’t creat lot’s of craft for barb :confused:

you also can use by default sin’s cloth standard craft items set, you lose just on some armor by that, and to be fair its still big uplift in terms of comparing it to questing rewards, also some rare on leveling items that drop from mobs from jeweled chest sometimes got hit rating stat - this is most crucial stat in game since higher you go and lower that stat you got your overall performance may swindle down abit or totally fail cause of miss on your hits, and mathematic here is like 10% hit rating for meele chars for vanilla game - 18%+ for t4 and above to make sure you hit with 100% rate, having less its not just that 1~10% or <18% but i feel like its much more, you can see this just while having it not enough and playing through the game and especially when fighting higher than your’s clvl enemies…

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