Light Armor Journey still not working!

Realy Funcom stop role out patches if they just destroy more then before.
The Light armor Journey is not working again but before the patch i could fix this if I set my Language on english. ANd now i can try every Language and still i don´t get this to work.

My attention to this Game getting lost since every patch nothing is realy working or fixed just little pieces. But the big and Gamebreaking things still not working.

In some Locations there are Journey´s i can´t take them. Some of the speaking Stones not working. Building is getting bugged a bit. Serrvers still have poor performance but they are better then before woooow.

This Game is never out of Early access. This Games just get more bugs. That´s how i feel of it. I respect the big work but it seems you just roll out patches for some things but they getting no test´s why has this game a Testlive server?

Sry for maybe bad english it´s not my main speak.

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