Lighting storm should not damage buildings

Im not playing conan exiles until the lightning storm is taken out or doesnt damage buildings , im very disappointed in you funcom , you have RUINED The pvp experience with that stupid spell , a leather pouch is dirt cheap and it can destroy a lvl 3 base ? who is leading this project now ? since the game released things have been going down hill, the leadership needs to understand that this game revolves around building and maintaining a base , and you went and took a steaming dump on that base with this stupid storm , you have made it trivial to level some ones whole base , before they used to blow up the doors to get into your base , NOW all they gota do is cast that dam storm and watch the base get blown to bits , and dont even think about telling me to baby sit my god dam base the whole time . im done with this game , you will not get any more money from me funcom , you have made pvp unplayable. and for those reading this , i have bought every single DLC to support this game , always hoping that eventually we would get better AI followers that wont get stuck on every freaken rock on the map , and since launch things just keep getin worse , and now this storm nonsense , im done funcom , im done giving you money. I have zero hope that they will fix this storm issues. and thats a shame , i used to love conan pvp.


they never add anything to help you defend your base , its freaken ridiculous , you have bombs , trebuches , god avatars , grenades , explosive / fire arrows , and now this stupid lighting storm that can all damage your building .
now what do we have for defense ? thralls ? they dont even attack the enemy players half the time . like how come they dont add new defensive capablities ?

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