Lightning Storm should not do building damage

The server I’m playing on is still pretty full… and I keep seeing new toons joining too.

Not trying to inflame the thread further here, but isn’t dp fairly easy to farm since harvesting is 4x now? You can’t 4x blood filled flasks, but I’m getting tons of bomb mats…

That’s what i keep saying too! IMO there is only one take-away from all these lightning threads and that is we need off-line protection. They have it in the settings and it works as far as I know, they just need to turn it on. I think they had it on for a bit but then two or three old-guard nincompoops started a complaint campaign claiming it was possible (through some extravagant and absurd tactics) to “exploit”. So now because of 3 noisy people thousands must suffer. So typical!

I wish the @Community would trust the designer(s) more than a few old farts in the forums. :frowning:

Please make raids 24hrs with Dynamic Building Damage set.

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a solo players always have lot of hide out and developed a lot of strategy to hide his loot inside his base, that the only way you can survive as a solo player. and in 90% of case raiders miss the loot of a experienced solo player, problem is LS focus on this hidden stuffs that you have inside your base, and it will destroy it first, which mean LS is the best tool to really totally wipe a player easyly , without any time needed tp farm LS, and any skills.

Yep. You can hit any large chest in keyhole with LS. Oof.

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