Limit when building? Without losing the growth limit? It's possible? (Suggestion)


*There had to be something that would prevent the decay count from restarting. Something like marking territory! (Type: Battle Standard)

*“Flag” levels for larger terrain.

*What has already been built will remain built, but will have a “flag” to prevent deterioration. (Just to avoid deterioration, it would still exist, but with the possibility of being interrupted).


*It would not be possible to have “double flags” nearby. Avoid huge bases.

*Outside the limit of construction and deterioration does not stop! even trying to avoid it. touching the building.

*There would be a limit for “flags”.

*There is a possibility to remove a “flag”, but it would not be possible to place it again until the end of the deterioration.

*That would make the game fairer!

The decay would happen with the flag, but the entire construction outside the flag could not be restored. Sometimes we need a construction that lasts 1 day.

To avoid this!

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Any system that removes decay on a structure in a game like this is bad. Unless there is a rule, like thralls, if you are not logging in within 15 days you lose the flag.

However with that in mind, on official the maximum decay time on a primary base would be 15 days (like the thralls), then the 7 days which would put it at 22 days.

But then again, this would be just to add to the decay time, why not just ask admin (or FC) to extend decay time instead of attempting to make a new rule.

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I updated the post. It would be for a greater good! And the limit would be beneficial both for abuse and for improving PVP. They limited the thrall and it was beneficial. (I would lose a lot, huge bases, but sacrifice would bring order and stability to the servers.) :grinning:

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I wasn’t really clear on the proposal, (I don’t speak English). The decay would happen with the flag, but the entire construction outside the flag could not be restored. Sometimes we need a construction that lasts 1 day.

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Something has to be done about the massive foundation spam on official servers their has been discussion about it that might interest you


Allowing troll trunk lines limits the game now to other players, benefiting only the trolls. Limiting in some capacity would allow more people to enjoy the limited area we can build on the map.

For sol players, there would be a setting and no limit. For shared maps, ideally the idea is to allow more people to play, than to reward fewer for the ease it is currently to trunk line an entire map, whether PVP or PVE.

sometimes the good of many should be priority over the good of a few. Especially in business, where money is the driving force.


So, if I am seeing this right…

Your flag suggestion is supposed to stunt the decay time of your structures, or prevent update on others constructions?

If this makes your structures last longer than the server set decay time, this is no better based on the point in my previous post.

If this makes others structures stunted, unable to reset the decay time on, that is something that can have a lot in issue. In PvE, you are not supposed to be able to raid bases (used to be able to at the end of decay time). In PvP (and -C types) you can raid a base if you tear down the doors or a wall, you can also wait of decay time.

It should always be up to the owner of the structure to allow decay to consume a construction.

This kind of restriction is easy implement in a configurable way, just like the follower cap. If it’s implemented, it should be something that can be disabled in a singleplayer game (or in co-op or on a private server), so that objection is really just another way of saying “make it configurable”.

Unless you’re saying “I’m against it even if it can be disabled”, in which case the prevailing sentiment from those of us on officials would be “you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion” :wink:


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