Linked items decaying at different times

Playing on NA Server #1502, an official dedicated PvE server. I have been finding out some of my decorations have been deleted by the decay timer. I cannot upload pictures yet but I uploaded some pictures into imgur that I was able to see myself, folder link is " lusD9Nw " if anyone cares to check. As you can see, the tavern counter was on top of a carpet, and on top of foundations but it decayed at even a different time than the others. Picking it up and placing again reset the timer but it didn’t for the decorations on it. I have also noticed that multiple pieces, have been getting weird decay timers, specifically have been losing journal decor and planters. The books were on top of shelves, and some decay and some don’t, while the planters were around other decorations but they seem to not link to them even when they’re sharing the same ground.

Please help me figure out what is there to do, it seems tiring and silly to me that I’d have to check every loot and cranny just to make sure nothing decays and even doing so, the timer doesn’t update unless I replace.

So far the only way I’ve found to prevent placeables from randomly losing stability or detaching from decay timers is to put them directly on the ground. They’ll also be relatively safe on foundations or ceilings, but not stacked on other placeables (carpet, table, shelves, etc.) I’ve pretty much stopped using placeables other than the necessities anyway since you’re liable to catch a ban for over-decorating on official servers.

Anything you really wanna keep should go into a container placed directly on natural terrain. Everything else can go on foundations and ceilings. Anything stacked on another placeable runs the risk of vanishing, so take care not to stack with items like chests and benches. At least so far you’ve only lost some decoratives and nothing of real value. I’d highly recommend reworking your storage immediately if any of your chests are stacked, now that this bug has affected you.

Funcom has been aware of this issue for some time. I’ve personally encountered it at least as far back as a year ago. You can only hope a fix is in sight with 3.0, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Technically your post should be a bug report, but I wouldn’t bother making a bug report now since it’s already been made numerous times and at best you’ll just get a response saying they’re aware.

My advice: save yourself the time and energy and just take it for what it is, and move your valuables around such that they’ll be safe if necessary. Losing a countertop is frustrating, but losing mass amounts of storage containers is just rage-inducing. Countertops are easily replaced. Just keep on replacing or don’t decorate, those are truly the only options.

All the best, and good luck.


So far I have been lucky in not experiencing this glitch. The only things I do stack is I place chests or small crates on the top of large crates for some of my storage. For the most part I make each floor of my build 2 walls high and then place a ceiling tile along the edges to put cupboards on and below them. Turning the cupboards sideways it looks nice and you can fit 3 per tile, this allows for stability and lots of storage space.

I discovered that you can destroy a decomposed house

Thanks for the answer, I’ve been around for a long time and it’s one of the first times I’ve seen this but it’s really discouraging. I only play in the Official server and knowing I can’t even freely decorate my house sucks and makes no point for me to even keep playing if that’s the case.

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