Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

… and possibly every other animal.

I noticed while trying to level up my lion that when fighting enemies that don’t bleed (i.e. undead) that the hit animation/graphic when the lion hit the enemy results in blood splatter. I tried this with a Lion, a White Tiger, a Bear and a Shaleback against a skeleton, a skeleton guard, a wight and the Brute.

I think this little detail was something that was just over-looked. It’s a minor detail and not game breaking in any way. Still it would be nice to see it changed to the graphic the player and thrall have when they hit a skeleton or wight.

I don’t use the admin panel to spawn things in and the above mentioned pets plus a Gazelle are the only pets I have so far. I feel fairly confident that this oversight is in effect for all pets though.


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