Lisa Hui's Uniform:

So, I’m running through The Scorched Desert on my second SWL character (somewhere around my sixth or seventh total, counting the Old Game) when I noticed something. See, that’s what I’m specifically doing this playthrough. I’m looking and listening to EVERYTHING, now that I know so much more of the story to come. Trying to find all those hidden clues and little side stories that are never explicitly written, at least not yet.
I get to Lisa Hui. Do the missions. Same old, same old. Then I saw it. On the cuffs of the sleeves of her uniform shirt. Hunnycombs. Black. Honeycombs. It seems like such an odd fashion choice, especially since the forces behind the Orochi Group know all about the significance of the symbolism. And I don’t remember seeing this motif anywhere else on an Orochi uniform.
Could this mean that Lisa is actually Mitsubachi? A secret friend/follower of John?

She is wearing the…“classic” Orochi uniform, I suppose you’d say? The one that’s most like a suit, with no armor. The cuffs are different on male and female versions, but both have hexagons, and you can go check both at the same time really easily in Kingsmouth with Ann Radcliff and Harrison Blake.

I hadn’t seen those on them before!
Thanks for the info.

I checked around on some corpses. It looks like it is the Female version of the Orochi Formal Dress Uniform. I haven’t run into many living female Orochi in that uniform and never thought to check the corpses before. The males, including Harrison Blake, have a different pattern, with a single straight row of hexagons running up the forearms. I had assumed that was the default Unisex Dress Uniform. Turns out they are actually gender specific and female Orochi Officers just have the mortality rate of a Cheerleader in an 80’s slasher flick.