List of all knowledges? Blacksmith decor, alchemist decor, etc

Is there a list of all knowledges?
Like say those you can find in the world?

The wiki knowledge page doesn’t have them all listed.

It has lots saying you find this in the world which is great. But for instance, I just happened to find the blacksmith decor knowledge in the exiled lands. But it’s not on this page.

There has to be more if they have one specific to blacksmith. And I’ve since found out about the alchemist decor.

So if those aren’t on the list, what else am I missing? :smiley:


That page doesn’t have them all for a couple of reasons. It is updated manually, and there are over 1300 knowledges.

You can look at the Knowledge category to find all of them - in a list seven pages long.


Awesome! Just what I was after. Thanks.

I had no idea there were that many lol
I guess that is listing each item separately so the list balloons rather than say each knowledge source. Like 1 source could give 5 or more recipes.

The knowledge page I linked to had a section at the end saying unsorted knowledge list follows but it was empty

So yeah I’ll follow the link you provided as the true full list!
Thanks. Marked as solution

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