List of bugs/exploits

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: USA

Ive compiled a list of bugs/issues that I haven’t seen posted I believe need attention.

  1. Thralls do not regain health after being broken, they sit at 100-115 and it never goes up after they’re placed.

  2. Turning your camera sideways/backwards while sprinting let’s your stamina regenerate. This makes PvP unbearable.

  3. Some players use the sleep emote, then Dodge out of it, this freezes your character in the state of the lay down emote for everyone else on the server while they can run around fine on their screen.

  4. Thralls are spawning inside of one another, and can fall through the map when knocked out, killed, or even placed from your inventory.

  5. You’re unable to scroll down and few unearned journey achievements, the menu gets all whacky and scrolls back to the top.

  6. Warpaint can not be used or applied to your character.

  7. Thralls will spawn in invisible, but still attack you. Other times thralls will get stuck in place, and not attack at all, making knocking them out or killing them for loot far too easy.

I just wanted to say I love this game, and I hope you all continue to work very hard on it, so your fanbase can continue to enjoy it.

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Region USA, Online.
Player Corpses sometimes invisible,or floating in mid air, I’ve had a couple instances where I had to give up because I couldn’t find my body, regardless of death marker. Thought I would bring this to light.

Shhh… I like having unlimited sprint!

Unlimited sprint is not nice when you are in PvP.