List of bugs in live April 24, 2018

The following is a compilation of bugs i’ve observed in live for multiplayer. If a bug reported here is a feature, please let me know and I will remove it.

  • Some epic armours show incorrect armour value in their tooltips.
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  • attempting to harvest doesn’t always work, some swings miss. Also, trees and rocks cannot be harvested until all plants covering them are picked first.

  • Enemy NPCs are immune to damage while standing under tents or near decor objects, if their legs obscured by rocks, or are uphill/downhill from the player. They can still reach and damage the player.

  • Desync of Enemy NPC positions. Enemies sometimes do not appear to move from their idle positions when engaging players, but still perform attack animations and damage players. Upon killing them, the client receives a server update to show their actual position, sometimes many meters away.

  • Human enemies knocked unconscious fall through the ground in many areas.

  • Dying sometimes causes the player corpse to appear high in the sky.

  • Repairing armour sometimes gets stuck in infinite repair loop.

  • The religious daggers do not gather their respective religious materials (lingering essence, etc.) from human bodies.

  • Reinforced Wooden Doors have zero hitpoints, and cannot be repaired or removed when placed.

  • Arrows still get stuck in hand when struck while in the draw position.

  • large enemies cannot be struck reliably (e.g. rock golems) with a one-handed weapon, even their legs/arms.

  • It is still possible to get trapped inside the model of a Rhino and be unable to move.

  • existing buildings will immediately be destroyed when enabling building decay, if they existed prior to enabling it.

  • it still rains indoors, which doesn’t make sense.

  • player made objects which generate heat (e.g. campfire, torches, furnaces) continue to do so when turned off.

  • Dancer thrills will try to engage players, sometimes moving through walls to do so.

  • The new tents cannot be interacted with, and therefore cannot be destroyed once placed.

  • some javelins still appear as being held after they are thrown. The weapon can still be swung, but does no damage.

  • Large enemies go flying high into the air when killed, especially elephants.

  • attempting to skin animals usually fails the first time.

  • some thrown objects still appear in the action tray after being thrown, and produce a visual of holding it when selected. These disappear when deselected.

  • The map can be dragged left, all the way off the screen.

  • combat assist thralls are sometimes extremely slow to assist you when under attack.

  • building a fence near to a wall, which is part of the same foundation does not let you rotate the facing direction. Conversely, the wall cannot be rotated to face out when the fence is placed first.

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The desync is very bad with hard hitting mobs like rhinos and elephants. Pls fix

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