List of bugs that I have experienced pre and post launch

Game mode: Official release, my own dedicated server, cooperative.
Problem: Bug list

  1. Cannot hit NPCs when they are under their own tents. Some NPCs will not leave their tent area causing them to be unable to be hit with anything, including the truncheon.
  • Any NPC found under a tent cannot be hit with weapons, however, they can hit you.
  • Once they move out from under their tent they can be attacked.
  • Some NPCs will not leave the “comfort” of their tent and thus you cannot knock them out to capture them. (i.e. the blacksmith located slightly west of the Black Galleon)
  1. The Large chest is unable to be sorted.
  • Open large chest.
  • The sort option is unable to be chosen.
  • I was using a controller so I do not know if it applies to keyboard/mouse.
  1. Rhinos have a very small mass. When you attack them, you are inside of them during the entire fight and when they are dead the rhinos get launched 5-20 feet away from you.

  2. There is no way to summon Derketo.

  • Built the shrine all the way to Tier 3.
  • There is no recipe for True Name Derketo.
  1. Where did the lantern go? This is more of a question since there was a plan for one :slight_smile: and it appears to be gone.

  2. Some of the environment does not respond well to resource gathering tools when in third-person view.

  • Stand in front of a resource.
  • Attempt to gather said resource.
  • Miss resource while in third-person view.
  • Switch to the first-person view and can hit the resource.
  1. The new diagonal and vertical supports leaves a gap between it and whatever you place on top of it for support. Not game breaking but does break the immersion level, as well as if you wanted to take a screenshot of your building it does not look good, in my opinion.

  2. In some circumstances, the game will tell us that we can place down an object but it will not allow us to place the object and we have to move around in order for an object to be placed. Also, sometimes when placing the Place of Derketo it will leave your inventory but not appear built.

  3. When entering a shelter, or structure, that is outside during a sandstorm the wind sound will cease to exist. However, if you step outside you can hear the sandstorm and wind without an issue.

  4. Raining or snowing inside a built structure. This appears to still be an occurrence within a player built structure, regardless of height or dimension. The weather effects of rain or snow will appear to occur inside the structure making all of the items, including your character, having the appearance of being wet or snowed on.

  5. When using the target lock option, during a fight the target lock will either lose lock or lock onto a friendly player. This causes some loss of control over the flow of battle since you are not swinging your weapon in the direction of the enemy NPC. The lock can be moved around from target to target by moving the mouse or right joystick on the controller but this should not be an option, in my opinion. Once you have a lock it should stay locked on that creature. Also, from this target lock system, some NPCs are too tall and their health bar cannot be seen either in first-person or third-person views. Recommend moving taller NPCs health bars lower to be seen at our character’s height, if possible.

This is all I have at this time and I will keep them coming as I come across them. Great game so far and I have loved the development throughout all of Early Access to Release. Great job to Funcom, the development team, and anyone else involved with Conan Exiles.

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I have experienced some of these as well. They should be fixed.

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