List of Dreams...Just some ideas that I think would be cool

I’m really excited about 99.9% of the new updates coming. As we speak, we’re building Lists to hold Jousting Tournaments on our server. This could be a lot of fun.

However, overall, and having been with the game for such a long time, there are a few things I would really like to see added or adjusted.

Bombs - While I used these - probably more than I should, and love blowing things up, I do feel they’re vastly OP. Personally, I’d really nerf these by a factor of ten to fifteen. Clans, including ours, rely too much on these as their primary seige weapon. While fun for us, can ruin the game for the recipients. I think they should be moved to an complimentary type of weapon rather than a primary weapon.

Trebuchets - Love the new updates. This is one thing we needed. With this addition, it’d be a good time to go with a bomb nerf. These changes will changes along with mounted riders will change the game dramatically.

Add Catapults - These would be portable trebs. They would have to be pulled by one’s horse and do less damage but you can wheel them into battle and move them around. These should be thrall operated…Or at least the ability to operate them.

Indestructible beds - I’ve blown up far too many beds in this game. Mostly by accident because I think it’s a dick move. Bedrolls are fine to be destructible. Beds should be a safe zone (so to speak). I’ve found more people quick because of this than having their bases wiped out. Maybe if you damage them, it can increase the decay time or something but once down, (IMHO) it should provide some safety.

The hidden players list - I LOVE this as this will make players have to legitimately scout out enemy bases. You will have to be smarter and plan attacks better.

Sunder for lance hits. Something that knocks back someone that is hit by a lance. For example, if one were to joust another player, I know there is a chance to knock them from the horse but what about other hits? Is there even a way to tell the player has been hit (other than damage)?

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