List of funcom needs to do next update

  • fix people going through ceilings/structures
  • there’s a couple of maces in siptah 1 shooting people.
  • increase server to 50+ and optimize game better
    -focus on pop growth more and more just make it dirt cheap at this point
  • golems kinda need some work make place laggy
  • tweak greater axe/bow build . Damage out put is to high just needs a tweak don’t nerf to ground .
  • focus on
  • balance pets a lot of them useless
  • horses I think got a health buff so they’re ok just maybe not loose all your stam when you get knocked off it’s kinda dumb atleast half
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Also balance legendary weapons they useless to get now gotta make them worth it.
And bring back the first encounter from first event . World events are dope like random areas with events like how destiny has it with rewards.
Eventually should being back character transfer .
Make a a cage or gibberish for animals too

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But servers are dead! Game is dead! No one will fill the 40 person servers! (being sarcastic in case you didn’t realize this).

However, with G-Portal running things there is little to no way that officials will ever be able to handle an increase to server max player limits as they cannot even handle the number of players their max limits are now.

Yet another reason that adding more players will just be an even bigger problem.

Focus on what? O.o

YES! Though they have already stated that they are working on pets they do need to show us this work they claim to be doing. Pets need some usefulness.

Most legendary weapons have been useless for many years now. They need to be completely revamped to be made useful again, but they want us to grind dungeons over and over for the “better” options so they will always be worse.

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Yeah but if they focus on optimizing Ike they have been maybe it can go up to 50 atleast , the maps are huge 2 10 man clans run a server so at least 50 will make it even in a sense, golems we’re just added so I didn’t expect it to be perfect, right now the pop is slowly coming back they have to capitalize and focus on fixing sky bases, meshing , exploits and hacks. On console you can’t really do that so it’s good , they just need to fill these servers up on console and going through ceilings just by login in and out

Is that all it takes? Wonder why they never thought of that…


Restart transfer

Yeah and revamp player list it’s old hard to find servers

I think we all need to push hard for a TOS revamp.

Yes, I have said repeatedly the game needs a deep Quality of Life update.
Legacy bugs need to be addressed.
The on going console issues need to be addressed.
The long running issues on the public servers need to be addressed.

But is it going to happen?

I’m of the opinion what is going to happy is we are going to get is the age of what ever that adds a ton more placables to bring a public servers to their knees.
Which will intro a few dozen more bugs, only half of which will get fixed from for chapter 2 of the age of what have you.
Which, of coarse, will intro half as many bugs as was fixed in the fist chapter and if we’re luckey 3/4 of the bugs the new age intored will be fixed before the next age of selling us more content to lag down the servers.

That F-150 may have been able to easily haul half a ton 5 years ago, but it’s been doing it for five years, has well over 100K mile on it, and you’re putting a 3quarter ton load on it. Something is eventually going to break and leave you stranded. Yes in reference to old hardware, and the load this game has become on it.

I think its kind of ironic the OP is asking for optimizations for 50+ servers when 70 man servers were always possible and that with optimizations they have done over the years have allowed for even 100 man servers.

They have done these very optimizations. Your preferred server type isn’t configured for 50+ players online at a time. And if they did not do said optimizations those servers would tank at 5-10 players instead of 20.

Doing more optimizations is something they do in every patch. But since the major one a few years ago (that dropped server database size dramatically), every pass has diminishing returns.

A G-portal server could potentially run a 50 man server and do it fine. However to make it work requires some drastic administrative and policy changes. Not developer time. Changes that Funcom is not willing to do, and changes the players on said servers actually do not want.

I assume you mean “drastic administrative and policy changes” which I for one, would be happy to see on the public servers.

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You’d like to see a 2-3 day decay timer?

Why on earth would you want to anger that many people :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I said most wouldn’t want said changes. The compromises needed to make those servers work at the player amounts aren’t something most people want to deal with. And that’s only one part of it.

Are you saying you can get the trains to run on time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Can? I have! Or at least helped with such. :smile:

In all seriousness, there’s always give and take when running a server. The more people you have, the more restrictions on building you need and the more frequent the wipes. The number of servers you run also divides up administrative focus that has its own issues which requires decay to be on. Decay on apparently contributes to database bloat, though I’m unsure how badly that affects performance.

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I would add revamp recipes. Food needs a true buff tree. Like certain foods give stam, hp based on tier. As well as tier having different buff timers. low has like 5 min, mid 15 min, epic 30 min. And only for stove recipes.

Armors, change recipes on armors to require certain pelts instead og the generic recipe tree we have for light, medium, and heavy.

Add a separate volume control for battle music.


That would just be a ridiculously prohibitive policy to have on a game like this. Honestly, do the people writing this stuff even play these types of games or even their own games. SMH.

They do, just not much on the servers their organization rents. I wouldn’t either.

If they were interested in integrity and honestly they would . Imagine the image of a developer whose own team will not play their game on their own official servers!

Let that sink in as I am sure it does to anyone playing the game on the “official” servers. We are still waiting for true official servers as we have yet to get any as they would be able to play the game at its engines best.

Excuses are impossible at this point and the damage already done.

My sympathy and compassion is reserved for the players who login everyday on the “official” servers and to the programmers and creative workers at Funcom who get insulted by this game being played on substandard hardware ruining all their hard work. The shame is deep and eternal.