List of funcom needs to do next update

How? Honestly how?

You pick a server, you login, and its a mess. Right out the gate. You’re lucky to fight anything unless you were lucky enough to play in the first hour after a scheduled restart. But even then that’s only for as long as the dozen or so who still play on the server see its been restarted too and bring the server down to its knees when you login.

If you find one that doesn’t have that, you’re playing singleplayer with headaches.

No. They know about that. There’s just no point to banging a head against a wall, especially when the intent is to have fun playing the game. They leave that to the players who are deluded enough to think its a good enough experience to stay around on for the last six years.

In 2030 you’ll be here making the same complaint. And I’ll be here asking wtf you’ve been doing to yourself for over a decade.

I barely play this game unless friends as for help. I have played it quite a bit , hoping for the game to be improved and it has been a bit. Unfortunately, much of the fixes were simply fixing broken parts of the game that already existed.

Most of are at this point trying to appeal to anyone left who has a ghost of a chance to change the course and run the game as it was marketed and using features that it was supposed to have from the beginning.

A game is judged on the software gameplay and the performance of said game. Again no excuses accepted anymore about the condition of the official servers because at this point the only merciful action at this point is the denounce the servers as to not actually be the official one and that they are cheap knock offs of the game. This would only be done to try to salvage any face left to those allowed this to happen to their representation.

In 2030, you will still be around attempted to insult anyone with hope and faith in creators wanting to have any pride in their name and work. Have fun with that as I will not be there for you to play your game with as I have already shook it off and have been enjoying myself elsewhere. Just remember, though, I will be asked as I play many games and have for years so I have others ask me my opinion on a game and that will be the cost is paid in the negative. Have fun picking the bones .

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Forgive me if I don’t believe you’ve left. Either that or the other games aren’t nearly as entertaining as the broken experience on a public server.

Alright, I believe we have derailed the thread enough, and for this OP, @zput2bed , I apologize for my part in doing so. If you have anymore comments directed at me and not the thread topic please feel free to DM me as to not derail this thread further.

On topic, and again I am truly sorry OP,

  • I would like to see added server performance at least at the 40 player set amount on the official servers to be improved as make the gameplay more enjoyable for those still suffering through on them.

  • I would like more lasting buff spells from sorcery along with some offensive spells like were showcased but never made it into the game.

  • Continued weapon performance and consistency across the board so that a dreaded “meta” weapon will no longer happen.

  • Improve thrall A.I. even if this means lowering our available number of them. Quality over quantity.

  • Pet armor and pet protection from poison gas and other attacks similar in affect as this.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head . I will maybe be back to add more . Thank you again OP for tolerating the banter and the slight derail.

I could agree with this. But also it makes me wonder. If a fresh server (new database) could do this, even on a G-portal provided platform.

Which offensive spells are you referencing? I’ve experience most if not all spells even in their earliest state, the most offensive one was lightning storm. You’re not talking about the marshmallow spell that wall of fire used to be right?

I doubt this is actually possible with the community using its own standards. The meta has been pretty much garbage for years and even the current ‘meta’ isn’t wildly used.

Thralls and NPCs don’t effectively have an AI outside of pathfinding to the target and executing one of 4-7 combos depending on weapon or thrall (potentially may not even take weapon into account). To write out an AI would be a significant undertaking and have drastic changes for the game.

I’m not against that. I just don’t see it happening anytime soon, assuming they start working on it now. I hope they do though.

We might see something come down if the last set of changes to pets are any indication. I don’t know if you’re aware but much of the changes made (that many call nerfs) were done in the backend of things to give them more flexibility for pets.

One of the biggest issue before that update was changes to pets would affect their wild counterparts. So buffing a Kappa would cause havoc to newbies. This isn’t an issue anymore. But it can take time as the entries effectively doubled in those tables. Not a hard change going forward, but does take a ton of time. Personally I think it would come at chapter 2 of the next age at the earliest if I were to hazard a guess. Unless the age is focused around followers and such. We still don’t know that one.

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