List of improvement

Heres a list of what i would like to see improved.
I’m loving the game so far hope to see it being improved a lot.

-in game-
population of characters of a server.
delete character from server button.
auto join wait list. (when server is full)
exit server button in character creation.
searching server starts on favorites or history.
icon if you have a character on the server maby with lvl indication. instead of favorite.

known bug list where you can check or like a bug so you can see how many are effected? (top of page)
improvement page were you can see what the focus is on were needs to have priority. (top of page)

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We definitely need a bug list. Sometimes I see over a dozen people report the same bug, all in separate reports.
The search function works but nobody uses it. A pinned list at the top might help.