List of Suggestions (Dec 31, 2020)

Hello all and Funcom Development Team:

Here is a list of suggestions, my clan, players I have spoken to and I have (some are repetitive from other posts):

Bugs Reporting: Make a post(s) of all the bug issues and status for each, updated probably once a month or after a big patch, that way people will know which bugs were reported and do not need to report it again, unless it is different than reported before and also we will know what is happening with said bug. (This probably be needed for each gaming type PC, XBox and PS4)

Building Pieces: Such as Foundations, Ceiling Pieces, walls, etc., should have directional arrows to show which direction its facing to be extremely helpful for builders who have OCD when building their perfect base. Some placeables already have arrows currently, but all items should have them. See Less Building Placement Restrictions mod by Multigun as a helpful example. (Placing certain pieces like some ceiling pieces is frustrating at times when you do not which direct its facing and you end up with mix match look)

Crafting Timers: In the bar, it has been suggested to include the times to complete as well. Similar to the amount of time remaining for the fuel. This is probably more important for the longer crafting timers like Thralls in the wheel.

Resizing the “Fuel efficient Furnace” or allow the top of the furnace overlap into the ceiling piece above (either would work since the furnace is roughly just a bit over 3 blocks tall and its flat to the ceiling piece top surface.) I know this is a popular request in the various posts, but I added the second suggestion to avoid resizing it as an easier method around the issue and I use LBPR mod to make the furnace to fit in a 3 block high ceiling room.

Furnace, Campfires, Fluid Press: A clan mate suggested that he would like that we could pick what items we want to cook/refine instead of the Furnace refines them in a certain order. (i.e. cook stone to brick and ignore the iron ores in the furnace)

Post on Possible list of ideas from various players and/or developers and possible status on each. You could state a status of an idea as not being looked at this time for example. Updated possibly on a quarterly basis or after a big patch game change.

With the future Map/server transfers, (Dedicated Modded Servers issue only) to be able to transfer to other modded servers with mis-match mods so each server is not required to have the same mods in the exact same order. (Would love to avoid having River Boats of Exiled Lands on both servers) Granted, I understand that a mod-mismatch will require a game reboot when logging into the other server.

Add more server settings to the in-game settings where possible. I understand some settings can not be integrated to the in-game server setting since it would require a restart of the server when they are updated. (This is the lowest priority of the list)

This idea is based on ESO house guests for houses, where you can have Thralls patrol in a certain coordinates around your base. Please see the ESO house guests pathing youtube videos for more details. This would be neat instead of having thralls/pets standing still all the time.

Lastly, for admins there should be an option like Pippi has to show heatmap where clans, players build on the server, including if possible the entire server builds so we can see where everyone had build. (Number of blocks used would be nice as well). I know Pippi has this, but would be nice those who like non-Modded servers to have this option as well.

Thank you for your time reading our thoughts and suggestions. (I may add by editing more later)
Happy New Year everyone!

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