List of URGENT bugs experienced

20 - 3 hours gameplay maybe its bug , maybe new tech or maybe level too low but

  1. Painted rhinos aint rideable ( they dont have saddle bar in inventory )
  2. Vault final bosses are too powerful ( Q : they damage is calculated on player/thrall max HP? Basic i died instantly on wolf , but then i tryed admin spawn arena champion , champion with 24 K hp died in 3 hits , so how it is to pass vault if isle does not have start thralls except surge? )
  3. Maelstorm effect ( the icon left top “Hurricane” ) some time doubles and text is not visible i mean u can see icon like storm but hurricane, but no text and it doubles
  4. Normal rhinos has Horse stats when mounted ( not painted ones because of 1 bug )
  5. When u choose to spawn first time on map and choose easy location, there is spawnpoint near broken ship hull, and players instantly die there.
  6. Some walls are not passable by climbing, its like after dregs visit in sandbox game, u climb, then randomly slip down. ( most visible when u try to climb to those magic shrines the serpent guy shrine)
  7. When u try to climb out of water and holding shift ( sprint ) u are shooted in air with climbing animation who is not animating… till u hit something … ( happens also in spawn area mostly , for me 3 times )
  8. maybe not added yet, but leyshrines teached some “???” perk for me that is crafted at “???”

-Royal Armor doesnt give its perks.
-Some bushes already plucked or nodes picked still look lootable to other players.
-Trees need a very long time to respawn close to your base.
-Players lay below their beds.
-And most important: Chests dont refill themselves- They just stay open and empty.

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