Little part of the MAP FREE TO PLAY

Make a little part of the south river side FREE TO PLAY,
to much more people know your game ,

that ALWAYS WORKED on MANY GAMES in the past 20 years !!

make limitations like the green walls you made on the end of the maps…

Good suggestion, but the infrastructure of the game won’t allow that really - they should make the game free for a period of time and have Steam manage the license.

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As do I. Besides, it would probably be a whole lot easier to just do a free weekend or something. They could probably let Steam handle the whole thing. You see it on occasion where a game suddenly appears in your library ready for download and you can play it for free for a limited time.

The other option is the publisher weekend. Everything from a particular publisher goes on sale and they get a huge banner across the main Steam store page advertising it. I think 2K did this last weekend.

No! This would insult Buyers of Conan Exiles.

The model pay 1 time and play forever is the best model for any online game. And then add DLC coesmetic or story mode additions. That what many games are going for… if you made a game free to play then a large chunk of that revenue but I suppose if you wanted to promote the game in a way… I suppose they could have a Limited free to play for 48 hrs on a weekend say one weekend every 2 month And only allow A special server can be open up that would last for 48 hrs but would have restriction such as you are not allow to enter any dungeon other then the first one thus gives you a teaser story. This i can see happening to give new wanna try it out players.

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