Live Client refuses to update

Game mode: N/A
Type of issue: Misc/Meta
Server type: N/A
Region: USA

I have been using the Live client with the Steam beta option for testing purposes. I have tried to unselect the beta in order to restore the Live version. As recently as yesterday, everytime I performed this change, a download of approximately 2.8 GB would queue in the Steam client. Today, this does not happen. No download is queued when I attempt to change between the Live and Testlive versions of the Live client. My live client is stuck using the beta branch. The Steam Library page will report a change (screencaps to illustrate), but no change occurs. When launching the game, the beta tag remains in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It may be related to some of the other issues presenting today, but I felt it was unique enough to create a separate thread. If you feel it belongs somewhere else, please move this post accordingly.

Approximately 3 hours after posting this, the update has queued and began to download.

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