LoA Land of Anarchy PvP Server Start 15.11

Are you tired of joining pvp servers only to be wiped by Alpha Clans or Admin Clans within a week?

Are you a player that enjoys PVP but doesn’t want to have to base sit 24/7 to protect your s h i t ? So, then Land of Anarchy is the right server for you. On LoA, PVP is active 24/7, while base raiding is reserved to 2 Hours Daily. The server also has anti-griefing policies and raid protection to allow for a raided person to rebuild safely.

We are dedicated to creating the best Conan PVP experience possible and LoA are not some server that is here today, gone tomorrow. You can rest assured LoA will be here in the future !!

Come and Give it a Look Were at Beginning and with u we can make the Best :slight_smile:

[Eu/Ger] PVP Land of Anarchy x5 [Start 15.11]

60 slots
All x5

LitMan Weight - Recompiled